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Episode 6
Episode 6 begins with Team Cake agonizing in Chicago because it seems like they're being turned down left and right. They're barred entrance to Wrigley field not once but twice, and they're turned away at Northwestern trying to accomplish one of the swimming-related tasks. Frustrated, they decide to beat Team Exodus to the Bears' practice facility first thing in the morning to attempt Task #16 (Each team member must catch a 35-yard pass from an NFL quarterback) with Bears' QB Chris Chandler. Cake does in fact complete the task while Exodus is left stewing. The game is tied at 7.

Cake begs its way to two sets of train tickets that take them from Lake Forest (where the Bears facility is located) to Chicago, and from Chicago to St. Louis. The episode ends with Cake finding shelter at Kerri's uncle's house outside of St. Louis.

Team Exodus, fired up because Cake beat them to the punch on Task #16, is determined to strike back. They head to the Chicago Blackhawks' practice arena, where they attempt Task #5 (1 team member must score a goal from center ice of a hockey rink. Each team member gets one shot). Greg nails his shot and Exodus goes up 8-7.

Exodus then heads to Milwaukee and goes straight to the Milwaukee Bucks' practice facility, where they attempt Task #11 (1 team member must make 8 of 10 free throws while an NBA player is present) with Bucks center Dan Gadzuric. Out of nowhere Stacey steps up and drills eight out of ten after starting off one for her first three. Exodus is now up 9-7.

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