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Season Finale
The final episode of Beg, Borrow & Deal begins with both Team Cake and Team Exodus streaking toward the finish line atop Mt. Rushmore. At the beginning of the episode, Team Cake is in St. Louis, with the team members finding a ride to the Rams practice facility. Once there, they convince Assistant Coach Jim Hannifin (a former head coach) to help them complete Task #45 (Dump Gatorade on an NFL head coach, past or present). The task is accomplished and Cake is only down 9-8 to Exodus.

Cake, still with use of a car from the last episode, starts to drive to Kansas City in hopes of completing a ninth task. They eventually arrive at the Kansas City Royals' stadium looking to tackle Task #32 (In full catcher's gear, catch a pitch of at least 85 mph from an all star or Cy Young Award winner). The Royals PR department is able to set up a meeting with former KC pitcher (and all star) Jeff Montgomery at his home. After several tries, Montgomery uncorks an 86 mph fastball. The task is accomplished and Cake heads straight for Mt. Rushmore hoping to complete their 10th task along the way.

Exodus begins the final episode in Minneapolis wanting to go after Task #40 (Play a game of Twister with a state governor in his office and win). They bum a ride to St. Paul and convince Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty to play. He does and they win. With 10 tasks completed, Exodus looks to head to Mt. Rushmore to end the game.

They get a ride to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but they're still a solid five hours from the finish line. After getting denied numerous times while begging for a ride, a couple at a truck stop agrees to drive them the entire way to the finish line.

Exodus makes it there and wins the game, 10-9.

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