Episode Nine
The Outing

When McConnell takes the heat for a rumor that someone on the team is gay, Wilbanks forces him to publicly deny it. Guerwitcz, worried about his own situation, asks August to marry him as a cover. She accepts. David shows up hysterical about the engagement and outs Guerwitcz in front of the team. Guerwitcz denies everything.

Leon's more concerned with the rumor that someone is involved in contract negotiations in-season. It's Olczyk, but he avoids telling Leon. When the news breaks that Olczyk signed a multi-million dollar contract, Leon blames Olczyk for ruining his own contract extension chances. Leon ultimately apologizes to Olczyk and gives him the props he deserves.

After incriminating photos of David and Guerwitcz surface, Wilbanks puts Guerwitcz on injured reserve (IR) to get him off the team. Leon, as the player rep, advises Guerwitcz to take the deal, but he decides to fight it. They can't make him go on IR if he's not injured.

After the team learns that Guerwitcz is not going on IR, they haze him in practice, determined to injure him so he will have to go on IR. Coach George breaks it up before it gets any worse. Guerwitcz walks off the field battered and bruised, but refuses to get x-rays.

Guerwitcz, riding on the news that he was the only player to make All Star, finally admits to the team that he is gay. All that should matter is how he helps the team win. Wilbanks blackmails him with the security tape of Guerwitcz buying drugs from Jerome in Episode 5. Guerwitcz has no choice but to accept Wilbanks' terms and go on IR.