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October, 8, 2007
I will have a review of the flashback show of "Rock of Love" in Tuesday's column, but for now, just as Bret Michaels' ladies are looking back, so, too, does your TMR to Week 5.

Vulture Time

For the record, if there was a theme park called Vulture Time, I'd only spend every weekend of my life there.

Guys that stole touchdowns that didn't belong to them include Mike Karney of New Orleans, Mike Sellers of my victorious Washington Redskins, Najeh Davenport of the Steelers and then, because I own Willie Parker and life is unfair, Davenport again.

Karney's the most interesting here because I don't think this is a fluke. It's his second goal-line vulture score, and with Deuce done and Reggie not the biggest body to send into the pile, I could easily see Karney getting four or five more before the season is over.

Next up is Davenport and I'm definitely concerned about this as a Parker owner. A decent chunk of it came on one big run, but the fact remains he had 11 touches for 96 total yards and the two scores. Now, the Steelers are on a bye in Week 6, so it's not something we have to deal with right now, but if you are looking for someone that can help in deeper leagues, well … let's just say you'll see his name again in Tuesday's Talented Mr. Roto column.

Feel free to ignore Sellers, who was more "right place, right time" for his running touchdown and the one he caught. Chris Cooley remains the better red zone target, and if anything, Sellers' game just goes to underscore how far Ladell Betts' value has fallen. Man, was I wrong on that one. I so loved Betts. Sigh.

This Is Why You Handcuff Your Studs …

Nate Ravitz and I got into a knock-down, drag-out argument about this very topic on our podcast last week. You can listen to it by clicking here.

Today, though, the argument for my side goes something like this: Kenton Keith, 158 total yards, two touchdowns. Brian Leonard, 135 total yards. Sammy Morris, 111 total yards. Ron Dayne, 45 total yards and a touchdown. Earnest Graham, 29 total yards.

Errr … four out of five ain't bad.

Speaking Of Backups …

As wrong as Nate is about handcuffs, he was right to hop on the Gus Bus. He was by far the highest on Gus Frerotte's return, and while it wasn't pretty (three interceptions), Gus did throw for three scores and 262 yards. Do I think he's legit? No. Do I think he could be OK next week, when Peyton Manning, Jon Kitna, Ben Roethlisberger and Jay Cutler are on bye (as are the Trents, Edwards and Dilfer) and Frerotte is at Baltimore? Yes. You can throw on Baltimore somewhat. Hey, even Dilfer got a touchdown pass on them Sunday.

Drew Bennett fills in for Isaac Bruce and gets 32 yards and a score. Bryant Johnson fills in for Anquan Boldin and has six receptions for 80 yards. Anthony Gonzalez fills in for Marvin Harrison and has seven receptions for 71 yards.

Well, It's About Time

Welcome back to fantasy relevance, Maurice Jones-Drew (110 total yards, touchdown), Torry Holt (89 yards, touchdown, two-point conversion), Steve Smith (47 yards, touchdown), Randy McMichael (45 yards and a score), Devery Henderson (101 yards) and Donte' Stallworth (77 total yards, touchdown).

I'm not buying Stallworth, Henderson or McMichael. And this is why you are patient with your studs for the other three.

OK, We Were Patient, Now Can We Panic?

Yes, feel free to hit the panic button on: Larry Johnson (serves you right, we told you this one six ways to Sunday; 15 total yards). Drew Brees (OK, we were wrong on this one; 252 yards, no TDs, two interceptions). Thomas Jones (50 total yards). Frank Gore (75 total yards; we were also way down on him, if you remember). Darrell Jackson (only 6 total yards; we hated all the 49ers).

Of course, I also loved Mark Clayton (5 yards). I was wrong on that one. Add him to the panic list if he's even still on your roster at this point.

Normally, I always say, "Mmm … french toast. Another order please." Of course, that has nothing to do with this. I'm just hungry all of a sudden.

I also say, "You don't sell low, you wait it out." But at this point, I'd get what I could in trade for any of those guys. My guess is Gore has the most value out there and Clayton, obviously, the least.

The only caveat here is Johnson. I'd probably wait to trade LJ until after Week 7 (they get the Bengals at home and then Oakland, so he should have two solid weeks coming up before facing a bye, Green Bay, Denver and Indy).

The TMR's a Genius

Nice calls this week on Jason Campbell and Antwaan Randle El, Brandon Jacobs being the better start than Derrick Ward; Kenton Keith, Drew Bennett and Kris Brown (those were my gut calls on the Sunday show); Derrick Mason, Willis McGahee, Brian Leonard, the Cardinals' and Redskins' defenses, Brian Griese, Chris Brown getting at least 60 yards or the fantasy equivalent; the benching of Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander, Jeff Garcia and Joey Galloway.

The TMR's an Idiot

Hope you ignored me on starting Jay Cutler, Vince Young, Amani Toomer, Thomas Jones, Earnest Graham and Joey Harrington plus benching Frerotte, Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson. My bad …

Just Saying …

… That I continue to believe no one in the Titans' running game can be trusted, and should only be used in deep leagues, bye weeks or desperate situations.

… That I meant to put Alge Crumpler in my "go ahead and panic" section above.

… That with Matt Leinart being sidelined indefinitely due to injury, Kurt Warner makes a nice bye week fill-in, especially considering he gets the toothless Panthers defense next week. Warner now has five touchdowns in his past three games, and that was without the benefit of starting.

… That, speaking of Arizona, it was another strong week for the Cardinals' defense, with three interceptions, a sack and a touchdown. And next week, they get a very banged-up version of the Panthers.

… That Benjamin Watson now has five touchdowns on the season. That's more than most wide receivers.

… That Alex Smith, the tight end, scored two touchdowns, both on 3-yard passes. If Tampa can't run it in at the goal line, they'll have to find some way to score, right?

… That Kevin Jones looked good in very limited action. The Lions were down and had to throw, but Jones did have 65 total yards on 13 touches.

… That this is me, grinding my teeth, at the thought of Santonio Holmes being pulled right after the games started.

… That Jason Wright, the Browns running back, looked pretty good after coming in for the injured Jamal Lewis. He had 19 touches for 102 total yards and the Browns get Miami next week. You can run on the Dolphins. No, seriously, you could run on the Dolphins.

… That Derek Anderson now has 11 touchdown passes this season. That's, um, one more than Peyton Manning. Yes, it's inflated by one crazy game, but still … 11, dude. That's legit.

… That I said, on our Sunday Morning live steaming show "Fantasy Football Now" (Noon EST on, he said pimpingly) that I still consider Adrian Peterson of the Vikings a sell-high. Look at his next five games: Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Diego and Green Bay. All of them top-notch run defenses, and Chester Taylor is back and will get some carries, too.

… That Ike Hilliard followed up last week's great game with eight receptions for 58 yards. Garcia is clearly looking for him.

… That Greg Olsen of the Bears looked good, son. Strong.

… That, OK, remember how we were all on the DeShawn Wynn bandwagon? Then remember how we all bailed? Well, it's time to climb back on.

… That Dennis Northcutt continues to be the Jaguars wideout you want. Four receptions, 73 yards and a score.

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