Coaches react to UConn allegations

March, 26, 2009
INDIANAPOLIS -- Reaction from coaches to the potential recruiting scandal at Connecticut and the overall compliance landscape in college basketball:

Kansas coach Bill Self: "I'm not sure it's 100 percent correctable. I think coaches have to do a good job policing each other. I'm not saying ratting each other out, but there's got to be some understandings that this is how we do things, even if it's not by the letter of the law. There's rules and there's also gray-area issues."

Louisville coach Rick Pitino: "The NCAA is sort of like the IRS, it's sort of like the border patrol. They're undermanned but they do a good job of stopping the problems. We have to police ourselves. … There's too many runners. There's too many people that are working for agents that we don't know about. … The NCAA does a great job, but they're just undermanned."

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo: "I don't think it can be left up to the NCAA totally because I think it's too big of a problem. But you know, there's always somebody circumventing the rules. I'm not saying that happened now [with UConn]. I'm just saying that in general.

"I learned a few years ago that you got to do what you got to do. You got to live with you. That's what I try to do. I used to complain about all that stuff. I don't complain about it anymore. I just figure there's players out there that I can get. I'm going to try to get those players."



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