Blair leading the charge

March, 28, 2009
BOSTON -- DeJuan Blair just got in the grill of his teammates after forcing a Villanova turnover. He then picked up a loose ball off his shoes and then bulldozed his way to the hoop for a layup and a foul.

He doesn't have the lift to get over a phone book to jam it home, but Nova was a bit foolish to get in his way. Blair looks possessed right now, like he's going to start to take over this game. He was ticked because Villanova just got three straight rebounds.

• Pitt's Jermaine Dixon just went into the press row and most of the media here on the opposite side gasped as a computer screen fell to the floor. It looked like it was Jim O'Connell's, the legendary writer from The Associated Press. But it was actually a stat monitor. The media was hoping it wasn't OC's computer. You should have heard the gasp from us here on press row. "Noooooo." That's how much we bond with our laptops.

Andy Katz | email

ESPN Senior Writer



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