Sanitization of the Garden

March, 28, 2009
BOSTON -- What's up with the sanitization of the Garden?

Sorry but it's just wrong that the Celtics banners aren't hanging from the rafters. No Bruins banners, either. I grew up in Boston. And I can't see the banners, the numbers, Bobby Orr's number? Come on. I understand the NCAA's need to take down the sponsors stuff, but does it really harm the product to at least let us know we're in the Garden, even if it's not the same as the old Garden that used to be across the street?

I'll never forget working as a runner for CBS in 1987 and sneaking in to watch Magic Johnson and the Lakers hit the hook shot to beat Larry Bird and the Celtics. Even before that game, I was lucky enough to be in the building working for CBS when Bird and Dominique Wilkins of the Atlanta Hawks had their infamous scoring duel.

28-25 Villanova.

Pitt woke up.

Andy Katz | email

ESPN Senior Writer



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