Classic Now

ESPN Classic's new nightly signature series, Classic Now, debuted on August 8 at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN Classic. Hosted by ESPN Classic's Josh Elliott, the hour-long news and discussion program features nightly guests and regular correspondents that examine the biggest sports stories, putting them in perspective and highlighting historical relevance and context. Through dialogue, debate and discussion the program will illustrate how strongly "then" and "now" are related in sports. The program's first guest was 2005 Pro Football Hall Of Fame inductee Dan Marino, just one day after his induction.

In addition to the news, discussion and guest elements of the show, each weeknight Classic Now will pull from a collection of more than 20 distinct program devices that involve Elliott and program guests (both in-studio and via satellite) as they build out the program. Among the segments are:
8 Track: Classic Now's take on plays of the day – with an old school tweak
History/Making History: A segment determining whether some of the stories of the day represent endings or beginnings
What If: A segment that examines what might have been, had historic events happened differently

What They Were Saying: A looking back at the quips, quotes and headlines that appeared before, during and after significant sports moments
They Were There: A segment featuring discussion with a guest or guests who can shed light on a present-day event through relating first-hand experience from a related event in the past.

Elliott came to ESPN after six years at Sports Illustrated, primarily covering the NFL, golf and adventure sports, but also covering Major League Baseball, the NBA, and NCAA football and basketball. Prior to that, the southern California native worked in television production with 20th Century Fox, served as a comedy development assistant for FOX TV and was a producer for Galaxy Productions. He will also contribute to ESPN.com and ESPN The Magazine.