Simmons Bros. are back in business

Page 2's Bill Simmons gives a blow-by-blow account of his recent fantasy baseball draft, highlighted by the reunion of him and his dad -- the legendary "Simmons Brothers."

Updated: May 31, 2005, 2:11 PM ET
By Bill Simmons | Page 2 columnist

Since the most common e-mail received by me in recent weeks was "Did you have your fantasy baseball draft yet?", we're devoting today's space to last weekend's draft, a momentous affair for two reasons: A.) I'm threatening to pass into the "Who the hell are some of these guys?" phase of my fantasy career, and B.) my father and I decided to team up again this spring, maybe the most emotional reunion since Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada donned their motorcycles helmets for "CHiPs '99."

Of ...

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