Useless Sammy Sosa information

Jayson Stark offers the best of Slammin' Sammy info, the Sultan's Corner and other tidbits.

Originally Published: September 24, 2002
By Jayson Stark | ESPN.com

Useless Sammy Sosa information As Slammin' Sammy approaches his 500th career home run, consider this: Assuming he gets there this week, he'll have gone from 400 homers to 500 in 16 months, from 300 to 500 in 3½ years and from 200 to 500 in only five years and one month.

It took Barry Bonds 2½ years to get from 400 to 500, two weeks short of five years to go from 300 to 500 and 7½ years to go from 200 to 500. So it took Sosa about as long to hit the last 300 homers of his run ...

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