Airing it out

You didn' think the Sports Guy would skip the All-Star Game, did you? Not with MJ making his last hurrah. Get the dunks and turnovers when you take a peek at the diary of the NBA's last fan.

Updated: May 31, 2005, 2:17 PM ET
By Bill Simmons | Page 2 columnist

Because Michael Jordan wasn't starting his final NBA All-Star Game, I nearly pulled the plug on my scheduled diary of the game. Too traumatizing. The thought of MJ coming off the bench during a meaningless exhibition, when he could walk onto the court at the start of that same meaningless exhibition ... it was just too much to bear. Don't we have enough to worry about with all the war-terror stuff?

Like a professional, I carried on. That's how MJ would have wanted it, I think. Anyway, ...

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