Kobe's pulling all the strings

With Kobe Bryant pulling all the strings in his recent scoring run, he has proven he is the best scorer in NBA history writes Page 2's Ralph Wiley.

Updated: February 19, 2003, 5:27 PM ET
By Ralph Wiley | Page 2 columnist

Note to self: Add another nickname to the list of Kobe the Destroyer and Kobe the Finisher -- Kobe the Puppet Master.

Note to all: Kobe Bryant has become the most unstoppable scoring force in the game, in a line with Wilt, O, Zeke from Cabin Creek, Rick Barry, Abdul-Jabbar, the Iceman, Doc, David, Zeke from West Side Chi, McAdoo, Bird, Jordan.

Observing Kobe's most recent scoring jag -- 44.6 per in the last five, nine straight with 35 points or more, best scoring run-out the ...

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