Experience no factor for Game 7 goalies

Updated: April 23, 2003, 1:57 PM ET
By By Jim Wilkie | NHL Insider
Age and parity knocked down myths and forced a regime change among veteran goaltenders in the 2003 playoffs, and in Tuesday night's Game 7 triple-header in particular.

Nearly every analyst will argue for taking a playoff veteran over a netminder still proving himself, but that experience wasn't a factor Tuesday night. The three losing goalies not only had more postseason wins than their Game 7 opponents, all three had Stanley Cup victories on their résumé.

The elimination of Eddie Belfour's Toronto Maple Leafs, Patrick Roy's Colorado Avalanche and Chris Osgood's St. Louis Blues leaves New Jersey's Martin Brodeur as the only goalie left in the 2003 playoffs who has a Stanley Cup to his credit.