Roger over, but maybe not out

Originally Published: October 15, 2003
By Jerry Crasnick | ESPN Insider
Roger Clemens, six-time Cy Young Award winner and walking Hall of Fame exhibit, has only a few more fastballs to throw, comparatively speaking, and a few more hitters' chins to graze on his farewell tour. He's about to take his stubble and staff-ace aura and spend more time tending the gas grill at home in Texas with his family.

Which poses an interesting question: Can baseball pitchers, like aging fighters, Michael Jordan and Cher, keep coming back for more?

Roger Clemens
Clemens, who in June became the 21st member of baseball's 300-win club, has been steadfast in his plans to retire after this season. As a family man and father of four, he's tired of missing cookouts and Little League games for exciting three-game series sweeps at Tropicana Field.

But we probably haven't seen the last of him in a baseball uniform.