Honor Roll: Week 13

Originally Published: December 2, 2003
By Brandon Funston
Well, another week has passed in the NFL and, once again, I'm bitter. This time, though, it wasn't poor clock management by referees that drew my ire. My acrimony is derived from losing a playoff tiebreaker in my one fantasy league that trumps all others in importance.

The clock ran out on my New England Jugadors. And I'm sure the FFL landscape is currently littered with heartache this week, and not just my own. After all, there simply is no consolation in the Consolation Bracket.

Now in my particular situation, I was the No. 2 team out of a four-way tiebreaker for the final playoff spot. We all sat at 7-6, my record predicament attributed to a 1-3 final month of the FFL regular season. But if you think I was on the short end of a convoluted mess, take a look at the FFL Dogs League.