Holiday thought balloons

With the holiday season upon us, Page 2's Ralph Wiley gives us an inside look into the minds of our friendly, neighborhood NFLers.

Updated: December 24, 2003, 3:19 PM ET
By Ralph Wiley | Page 2 columnist

How about some Christmas cheer for Brett Favre, who played like he'd never played before, the night after his father died? Talk about being imbued and possessed by the spirit of Christmas Past. Wow.

And how about some cheer for Randy Moss, who unbraided his hair while thinking, "Well, there's always work at the Post Office"? Then he looked in the mirror and screamed, "Ahh! It's Lupe Garou! Wait. It's ... me!" Then he proceeded to become Unguardable again.

Hold that cheer for Joe ...

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