Fat Boy, Reggie and Barry

Page 2's Ralph Wiley hangs out with Warren Sapp and hangs some criticism on Reggie Jackson.

Updated: March 22, 2004, 12:34 PM ET
By Ralph Wiley | Page 2 columnist

Say it ain't so, EV-RY-ONE!

I'll explain the inflection on that later.

But first, make way for Dogman, who was hanging out the other day in Orlando with Fat Boy. Not Dog's Fat Boy, also known as Larry Finch, who was a backcourt-mate at Memphis back when the Tigers went to the Final Four in '73, or Aught-Five (I'm making Dog sound like Billy Packer here), or whenever the hell it was that Red Walton landed on their heads to the tune of 21 of 22. Dog was back there with that Fat Boy. ...

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