Top 5 odd mound moments

Conversations on the mound sometimes take an unexpected turn, with unexpected results...

Originally Published: May 7, 2004
By Tom Candiotti | Special to ESPN Insider
You've probably heard stories about a manager coming to the mound -- like in the "Bull Durham" scene -- and talking with his pitcher about his dinner plans ... or something else absolutely unrelated to baseball strategy.

Sometimes those conversations actually take place. A manager might want to take the pressure off his pitcher, and often the best way to accomplish that is through humor, which can take your mind off the pressure-packed task for the moment and enable you to refocus. Pressure drains from your body after a good laugh -- laughter has great value in that regard.

Sometimes those humorous on-the-mound situations involve more people than your manager -- perhaps the catcher or the pitching coach or other infielders. And sometimes the humor is unintentional. Here are my Top 5 odd mound moments from my 16-year career as a major-league starter (plus a bonus story).