FFL '04: Mock Draft Writeups

Originally Published: June 24, 2004
In every football draft there are good picks and bad. Problem is, we generally don't know until the season starts. But it's fun to hypothesize. A year ago, Ricky Williams seemed a good first overall pick.

So, as 12 experts selected 16 players in our FFL/LM Mock Draft on June 23, read who they are what they thought of the draft. Here are all the picks.

Here are the questions we asked each owner to answer.
1. Who was your best pick, or best sleeper? (Could be round 1, or 15...)
2. Who was your worst pick? (Maybe you jumped the gun on someone, or took a guy in a platoon, etc..)
3. Overall, what was the most interesting pick of the draft (Could be where a trend or run began, or a good or bad pick occurred, anything noteworthy...)
4. Who has the team to beat?