FFL Schedule Outlook 2004:
Focus on the future

Updated: August 3, 2004, 2:55 PM ET
By Scott Engel | Fantasy Games Associate Editor
Fantasy owners are always looking for two things: A clear advantage over the opposition, and a decisive answer when looking at two similar players during a draft.

Examining the potential strength of a team's schedule certainly plays heavily into both decisions. When deciding whether to draft Torry Holt or Marvin Harrison, you might look at the fact that the Rams open the year against the Bengals, Falcons, Saints and 49ers and decide Holt will be more likely to produce consistently good numbers than Harrison, who opposes the Patriots, Titans and Raiders early in the schedule.

But you can't heavily base your schedule analysis on last year's production. Once regular season play begins, a lot of trends from last year will disappear quickly, to be replaced by new ones. While projected strength of schedule should be a factor in some of your drafting decisions, it shouldn't be a major overriding factor.