Mock Draft II Feedback: Your Thoughts

Updated: August 11, 2004, 6:51 PM ET
Here are your reactions to our Mock Draft II, held on August 11. Thanks for your comments!

Chris Maye, Philadelphia: Looking at the second Mock Draft (and others), I have seen wildly varying values assigned to Deuce McAllister. Also, Geoff Brown appears to have taken many chances.

Jarred Kest, Atlanta: I love team Levison. Whoever wins the job between Quentin Griffin and Tatum Bell will be a top-tier back. I love that he also took Wheatley and Justin Fargas. Low risk, high reward there. I question his judgment for taking Trent Green over Steve McNair and Brett Favre, though. He does have great receiver depth and with Tony Gonzalez at tight end, he is tough to beat.