Engel's Angles: Two rounds of insight

Originally Published: August 19, 2004
By Scott Engel | ESPN Fantasy Edge
The most pressing question on everyone mind's this year, after 'Who do I take in the first round", is 'How does that affect my second-round strategy?". This season, it seems, more than past years, the first two rounds of your draft are more challenging than ever.

In recent years, the advice dished out was to simply get two standout running backs in the first two rounds if you can. Last year, you could make a case for the entire first round consisting of running backs only, and some projected standouts were still available in the second round. But this year, there are only eight clear "stud" backs, and one of them (Jamal Lewis) has questions surrounding his availability for a few weeks. Then there is a clear dropoff to the second "tier" of backs, and many of them are questionable second-rounders.