Jeter worth emulating

As a dad, I'm glad my 5-year-old son is a Derek Jeter fan, because Jeter sets an example worth emulating.

Originally Published: August 23, 2004
By Tom Candiotti | Special to ESPN Insider
My 5-year-old son is the biggest Derek Jeter fan in the world. I'm glad about that, because based on what I know and what I've read about Jeter, he's exactly the kind of player and person I want my son to emulate.

The New York Yankees shortstop is a stand-up guy. Jeter holds his head high when times are tough, and he's had plenty of experience with success to know how to continue to succeed.

He's even-keeled. You never see Jeter throw his helmet or throw a temper tantrum. When he was slumping to start this season -- at the end of April, he was batting .168 -- Jeter never lost his composure. In June, he batted .396, and now he's batting above .270 overall.