Put the Miracle on ice

Putting USA-Russia at Lake Placid on your ESPN25 is a mistake. It's in a class all by itself.

Updated: September 7, 2004, 12:10 PM ET
By Eric Neel | Page 2

Nobody asked me, but if they had, I'd say this about tonight's ESPN25 list of the best games since 1979: One game has got to go, and one game has got to be added.

Part One: Unlistable I'm not going to take pot shots. I'm not going to say the '83 NC State game is over-rated, the '93 Joe Carter game should be DQ'd because it capped the ugliest World Series of the modern era, or that tape of the '97 Masters ought to be an FDA-licensed sedative.

No, I'm going another way. ...

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