Rivera shows that he's human

As crazy as it may sound, Mariano Rivera failed to close out a playoff game. And the Red Sox stayed alive because of it.

Originally Published: October 17, 2004
By Jerry Crasnick | ESPN Insider
BOSTON -- Yankees manager Joe Torre enjoys the city of Boston. He appreciates the passion that fans here have for the Red Sox and baseball, and finds the locals are generally cordial when he's out and about dining or shopping on game day.

Things are a little different on the ride to Fenway Park, where the sight of the Yankees' team bus evokes a more profane brand of passion in your average Bostonian. As Torre laughingly pointed out the other day, he routinely sees an abundance of "digits'' beckoning to him from the downtown Boston streets on his way to the charming little park off Kenmore Square. They never mention that in the tourism brochures.