Scouts Inc: Off the Beaten Path

Originally Published: November 4, 2004
By Jason Langendorf | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
Working around injuries comes with the territory for a fantasy football owner, but approaching them with hard, fast rules is just silly. It's an art, not a science. One man's knee sprain is another man's hangnail.

Handle injuries the way you might handle a significant other: be flexible. Often you kill them with kindness. Sometimes it's righteous indignation. Or, as a last resort, every once in a while you just go out and rake the damn leaves like she asked.

If you want to avoid getting burned--by your rival owners, not your wife--be sure to do your homework. Know your injury report, learn how individual teams and players respond to injuries, and fish for last-minute updates. Understand that some injuries are worse at certain positions than others. (A hamstring pull for a kicker? Bad news, friends.) And be willing to settle if things look grim. Without exception, some points always are better than none.