Top of the Key: False Dawn

Updated: November 15, 2004, 1:14 PM ET
By Vincent Hui | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
Each week Vince Hui will look at some of the top stories in the fantasy basketball world.

The sun rises again on yet another NBA season and there's much ado in the NBA. Dwyane Wade and Rafer Alston are exceeding all expectations and Chris Mihm is playing like the second coming of Bo Outlaw (that's a compliment). Someone even exhumed Alonzo Mourning and Grant Hill and they're off to solid starts. However, plenty of fantasy guys are stinking up the joint, and while it's extremely early, false hope is pretty much the same as no hope if you've endured hours of basketball to watch these failures in action.

Chris Webber looks old, Jason Richardson only looks richer and Tim Thomas still looks like Tim Thomas. There are a variety of reasons for the downfall of these past fantasy staples, but let's not exclude some of the next generation either. The Devin Harris experiment should frustrate fantasy owners all season and I've finally deciphered Carmelo Anthony's game. It's not pretty.