Top of the Key: Giving Thanks

Originally Published: November 23, 2004
By Vincent Hui | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
Each week Vince Hui will look at some of the top stories in the fantasy basketball world.

Okay folks, no more dead horse beatings. It's pretty obvious if you don't have Fred Jones or Austin Croshere on your squad, you're already too late to the wire. David Harrison is the super sleeper everyone seems to be forgetting; with Scot Pollard his only adversary for playing time in the next 20 games, he's arguably a better pick up than Croshere.

You can taunt the guy who has Ron Artest on most of his squads (around the office that'd be me), but at least he gets an empty roster spot to play with. Vince Carter owners have no such luck. Good thing that for every player like VC, who's mailing it in, there are guys like Dwyane Wade who are taking their game to new heights.