Top of the Key: Grave Robbing

Originally Published: November 30, 2004
By Vincent Hui | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
Each week Vince Hui will look at some of the top stories in the fantasy basketball world.

One month into the season and there's already a huge blight on many fantasy teams. Highly coveted players in the draft are on the wire or rotting on the bench and preseason sleeper picks are still asleep. Still, give some credit to some players for resurrecting their seasons and awakening from a deep slumber; it's too easy to hibernate during the winter.

A less than enthusiastic Vince Carter is a easy choice since his value can only go up with his impending trade, and let's not forget guys like Marko Jaric who've silently capitalized on injuries and demotions in order to slowly, but surely revive themselves. Time to hit the wire and hit up other teams for their walking dead.