Fantasy Stock Report: Raider resurgence?

Originally Published: December 1, 2004
By Scott Engel | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
Each week during the season, we take a look at ESPN.com's Most Added/Dropped list and pick out interesting FFL players to watch and those who are losing appeal in fantasy leagues. We break down why certain players are being moved on and off rosters during the most recent transaction periods, and review how some of those moves have turned out so far. In the drops section, we will not focus on most injured players, as the reasons for dropping them are often quite apparent. We also provide you with suggestions to strengthen your roster, with recommendations on additional players to add and drop.


Julius Jones: He has been added in 28.3 percent of leagues, and is now owned in 91.8 percent of leagues. Jones is a surefire starter as a No. 2 fantasy RB. He is definitely for real. He has great vision, explodes out of the blocks, and has nifty cutback moves.