Scouts Inc: Off the Beaten Path

Originally Published: December 17, 2004
By Jason Langendorf | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
Sometimes you don't know a good mismatch until you see it. Take Tennessee WR Drew Bennett, for instance.

Who you knew you could take a decent player in a banged-up, semi-struggling offense and throw him at a bunch of yahoos in Kansas City and wind up with the Week 14 fantasy MVP? I'd wager CB William Bartee is wandering somewhere around 18th and Vine right now, swatting at Billy Volek passes only he can see.

Now, do I recommend hitching your wagon to the Drew Bennetts of the world when your league playoffs and January-through-August bragging rights are on the line? Hardly. But obviously it pays to know your mismatches, so don't let some of the juiciest ones slip through your fingers.