Scouts Inc: Off the Beaten Path

Originally Published: December 23, 2004
By Jason Langendorf | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
Most fantasy football league's go out with a title-game bang in Week 16 for good reason: Because this game can be unpredictable enough without the Matt Schaubs and Jason Wrights of the world mucking things up any further.

Schaub and Wright are not, as you might have suspected, the bizzaro twins of Bausch and Lomb. They are two of the "key" players in what could be a Week 16 comedy of errors for Atlanta, which has no playoff positioning to play for and might opt to rest weary, fragile starters QB Michael Vick and RB Warrick Dunn.

This is the stuff that makes fantasy play more art than science. It also tends to happen far more often in the season finale than it does a full two weeks out from the postseason, but such is the gap between the upper crust and the cruddy in the NFC this season.