2004 FFL Awards

Updated: January 4, 2005, 3:12 PM ET
ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
With the 2004 season in the rearview mirror, we look back and hand out some awards to the players that delighted us and those that frustrated us.

Who was the best QB?
Eric Karabell, ESPN Fantasy Games Senior Writer: While Peyton Manning gets all the ink for breaking Dan Marino's passing TD record, the fact is that Manning was not the best fantasy QB. Daunte Culpepper was. How did he do it? Manning's not mobile, Culpepper is, and those rushing yards and scores - not to mention the extra passing yards Daunte had because he played more than a series in Week 17 - made Culpepper the No. 1 player in fantasy. Also, Manning didn't only disappear in Week 17, he wasn't much of a factor in any of the fantasy playoff weeks. Peyton's a great story and the league MVP. I don't think he'll ever get that close to 50 TDs again, but even when he does Daunte still had more points, and Daunte was the one leading people to fantasy championships, not merely to the playoffs.

Scott Engel, ESPN Fantasy Games Associate Editor: Peyton Manning - he wasn't even considered the best QB in fantasy in the preseason by some, yet he outperformed just about everyone. This is amazing when you consider that the knee-jerk trend is to take the "hybrid" QB first. Manning just sits back and picks everyone apart. I've never seen such a combination of smooth mechanics, quick reads and perfect timing. And I have yet to hear a truly legitimate reason why he can't come close to his 2004 numbers again.