Manning's game is off the charts

Peyton Manning is clearly the best of the playoff QBs. Tom Brady might be the most overlooked.

Originally Published: January 14, 2005
By Ron Jaworski | ESPN Insider
Ron Jaworski goes into the film vault and breaks down the remaining playoff quarterbacks.


Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers: Roethlisberger is throwing the ball a little over 20 times per game now that the Steelers have gone back to "the old Steelers brand of football," according to coach Bill Cowher. The rookie is actually pretty underrated as a passer by most observers. He does a great job throwing the football on time with accuracy and he takes full advantage of his talented receiving corps when he's given the chance. He makes plays when he has to and that's because of his ability to read coverages and dissect defenses.