When comparing stats, everything counts

Originally Published: February 14, 2005
By Rob Neyer | ESPN Insider
A friend of mine, Lynn Lashbrook, came up with a suggestion – serious or not, I'm not exactly sure – for baseball players who are found to have used banned substances. Instead of asterisks next to those players' statistics, Lynn proposes asteroids.

I'm not exactly sure what those would look like, but then I think when we talk about asterisks or asteroids or asterwhatevers, we're talking intellectual rather than physical, because there's no place for subjective judgments in the record books. And if we start with steroids – an annoying word that has become a catchall for all sorts of things – where do we stop?

What's more, are "steroids" worse than spitballs and corked bats, longtime staples of good ol' baseball lore?