Chatting with a fantasy fanatic

Originally Published: February 17, 2005
By Kevin Rounce | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
I got a chance to sit down with Michael Bauers, owner of 432 fantasy football teams and winner of 59 leagues, and discuss his passion for fantasy football.

Most fantasy owners have a difficult time owning and managing a few fantasy teams, usually around five to ten. The demands of work, relationships, etc. can leave little time to find those sleepers that help win titles or make smart trades. Michael Bauers, a proud new dad of a baby girl, just completed the 2004 season with 432 fantasy football teams. "I would go into the draft rooms with the intention of drafting one team and have so much fun, I would end up drafting 10."

Logically, after finding out the number of teams, the obvious question and one that was asked most by his friends and family, is 'How do you do it?' "I spent a lot of long hours maintaining these teams. My wife was pregnant so she didn't too much of my attention and I work at home so I was able to devote a lot of time to the leagues...There were a lot of nights up until 2 or 3 a.m. making moves." Going forward, he may volunteer to take of the baby for those late-night feeds, so he can make more football moves though he has promised to not purchase as many teams for 2005.