Second half of season should be intriguing

Bill Walton takes a look at some of the playoff-eligible teams and their chances for a second half run.

Updated: February 21, 2005, 12:55 PM ET
By Bill Walton | ESPN Insider
After an exhilarating All-Star Game weekend, it's now time for the fun and games to end and for the second half of the season to commence. This is a wonderful time in the NBA because now is the time for young teams and talent to prove their mettle under the glare of a playoff race and veteran teams to regroup from the first half and to make the run for the playoffs and the glory that comes with. The playoff race is on and here's a look at the teams with a shot at making the playoffs.


Atlantic Division

New Jersey Nets: We should give the Nets and Vince Carter props for their recent spectacular play, but they still are four games behind for the division leader. When looking at good teams it's important to look at losses, and the Nets already have 30 because of their slow start without Jason Kidd. The addition of Clifford Robinson will definitely help the Nets down the stretch, but I wonder if it'll be enough.