The Fantasy Sports Celebrity Lounge:
Meat Loaf rocks in all sports

Updated: February 24, 2005, 12:35 PM ET
By Scott Engel | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
The Fantasy Sports Celebrity Lounge is where your favorite stars profess their love for the very same games you play! Twice every month, we feature a prominent person from music, film, sports and other genres who enjoy drafting and competing in fantasy sports just like you do! Our series kicks off with rock and roll legend and film star Meat Loaf, a fantasy veteran whose ownership spans three decades.

If you've had the privilege of seeing Meat Loaf live in concert, you'll never forget the tremendous amount of energy he puts into his performances. The 53-year-old native of Dallas, who now resides in California, puts that same type of effort into managing fantasy teams in many different sports on ESPN.com.

"Meat" has been playing fantasy sports since 1986, when Dave Herman and Curt Chaplain, two well-known personalities from New York radio station WNEW, asked him to play in a computer-managed baseball league on Prodigy. He actually won 11 fantasy baseball championships out of his 12 teams during the 1989 season, yet fantasy football became his great passion when he started playing it in 2000.