The Fantasy Sports Celebrity Lounge:
Tony Gwynn, Head Coach and Commissioner

Updated: March 10, 2005, 11:07 AM ET
By Scott Engel | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
The Fantasy Sports Celebrity Lounge is where your favorite stars profess their love for the very same games you play! On a regular basis, we feature a prominent person from music, film, sports and other genres who enjoy drafting and competing in fantasy sports just like you do! Our series continues with former major league standout Tony Gwynn, who is now a veteran fantasy football commissioner.

During a memorable career that spanned three decades, Tony Gwynn hit .338 for the San Diego Padres and won eight batting titles. He is one of Major League Baseball's greatest hitters of all time. He was feared by pitchers everywhere because he always paid great attention to the details, especially during the most crucial points of his at-bats.