Engel's Angles: Eye on the lines

Originally Published: March 29, 2005
By Scott Engel | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
Much attention is now being focused on the upcoming draft, but other peripheral moves still are being made that will affect the fantasy outlooks of many fantasy players next year. Here's our latest look at non-skill position signings, with a focus on notable offensive linemen.

Giants sign Kareem McKenzie: The Giants stole him away from their co-tenants, acquiring possibly the best offensive tackle on the market. The ex-Jet will play right tackle, and will be a key shield for Eli Manning as the team looks to upgrade its passing game in all facets, including blocking.

McKenzie is vulnerable to some speed rushers off the corner, but he is confident and mean in the trenches and has good technique. His presence will only help an evolving passing offense that should see flashes of brilliance from Manning, and inconsistent, but sometimes outstanding play from Plaxico Burress. McKenzie's addition also is a good sign for potential owners of Tiki Barber, as McKenzie's quickness and strength as a drive blocker can only help Barber in his quest to have another fine year. McKenzie was certainly a key blocker for Curtis Martin, who led the NFL in rushing in 2004.