FFL '05: Karabell's Draft Thoughts

Originally Published: April 25, 2005
By Eric Karabell | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
Even though it's April, it's never too early to speculate about what's going to happen next fantasy football season. The 2005 NFL draft is over, so what are the results for us in fantasy? We saw three running backs selected in the top five. A quarterback went first, and two more went later in the opening round, and there are wide receivers galore to discuss. There's even a kicker on our minds!

So, here is one man's opinion on the top five impact fantasy players from Saturday, but for this season only and as of the day after the draft. Obviously, things might change in the coming months. To see writeups from a fantasy angle on all first-round picks and on second-round position players, click here.

5. Troy Williamson, Vikings: The fact that the Vikings drafted this guy ahead of Mike Williams should tell you something. Williamson is more like the player Minnesota is desperately trying to replace, as he has the speed and separation to be a Randy Moss-type touchdown maker. Don't expect monster stats right away, but the potential is there for a big-time playmaker. And for fantasy, I have to give Williamson the edge over Mike Williams because Williams has to share the ball with two other recent first-round receiving selections. How does it play out? I'd think all three will get good looks, but unless there's an injury, all will end up overrated in fantasy. There's only one football, and when Kevin Jones isn't running it, Joey Har-, um, I mean Jeff Garcia has a lot of options.