Karabell: AL Team-by-team thoughts

Originally Published: May 25, 2005
By Eric Karabell | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
Every week, expect a team-by-team on one league look from a fantasy perspective, with Eric Karabell's random thoughts. Comments? Ideas? You know where to share them.

Last week's NL look

Baltimore Orioles: It's a shame that Javy Lopez broke his hand on Tuesday and will miss six weeks. The Orioles don't really have another catcher who can hit much. In fact, talk about bad timing, the team designated catcher Sal Fasano for assignment a day earlier. Fasano can hit a little, and Lopez had played some games as the DH. Geronimo Gil is the new catcher, and he has a career .236 average. In 2002 he did hit 15 home runs in 422 games, but if you take him, consider that he will likely hurt you more than the few home runs help. ... Also, Daniel Cabrera now has a higher ERA than Sir Sidney Ponson, which says a lot about Cabrera. Sure, he's a strikeout guy, with 45 in 45.2 innings. But it's not worth it, not until he can avoid outings like last week's vs. Philly, with lots of runners scoring.