Engel: Don't buy negative New York talk

Originally Published: June 7, 2005
By Scott Engel | ESPN Games Fantasy Edge
There is a widespread, and often true perception, that there is more pressure and scrutiny surrounding teams that play in the New York area. When you listen to some recent discussions surrounding the New York Giants, you believe even more that expectations are always high for teams that represent Gotham.

There are many doubts circling around the 2005 Giants, from some of their fans and fantasy leaguers. The largest one is whether RB Tiki Barber, who enjoyed a career year in 2004, can come close to last year's totals. Others are whether young QB Eli Manning is ready to lead the offense over a full year, and if new receiver Plaxico Burress will fit well in the New York atmosphere. And of course, there are the annual questions about TE Jeremy Shockey and how good he will be.