Updated: October 11, 2005, 2:51 PM ET
In the early innings Tuesday night, when the Devil Rays blasted future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson off the mound, Lou Piniella grinned in the dugout, probably pleasantly surprised. Tampa Bay beat the Yankees on Monday and they had a 10-2 lead on Tuesday.

And then, as the Tampa Bay lead began evaporating, Piniella began melting, all of it captured by the YES network cameras. The tense pacing. The muttered expletives. The moment when he came back to the dugout and fired a cup in anger. Then, in the seventh and eighth inning, he began shouting in the direction of his coaches, John McLaren and Chuck Hernandez. They said nothing in response.

Piniella seemed to get mad when Chad Orvella, a 24-year-old pitcher promoted from the minors this season, fell behind in the count and walked a couple of hitters. He seemed to rage as Franklin Nunez, who has pitched in 11 games in his career, got hit around. He fumed as Travis Harper, a struggling pitcher who is in the midst of a terrible season, got pounded, the Yankees' production reaching 20 runs. Nunez quietly sat on the other side of the dugout from Piniella as his manager shouted, and Harper stoically absorbed his beating. If Harper peeked into the dugout during the inning, he wouldn't have missed his manager going crazy.