Einstein vs. Jimi Hendrix

Two new, outstanding poker books tell the stories of Stuey Ungar and Barry Greenstein, two very successful -- and very different -- poker stars.

Updated: July 5, 2005, 12:32 PM ET
By Jay Lovinger | Page 2

LAS VEGAS -- Have there ever been two guys, from the top of the same creative profession, who were as different as Stuey Ungar and Barry Greenstein?

Ungar is poker's ultimate cautionary fable, the game's mythic answer to legendary pop culture flameouts like Jimi Hendrix and James Dean. He was a predator in a waif's body, an instinctive and hyper-aggressive card-playing genius, all id and cunning, who absolutely refused to go gentle into that good night. Like Hendrix and Dean, he was ...

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