Loss of Jenkins hard to overcome

Losing players like Kris Jenkins and Javon Walker can test the depth of a team, and the resourcefulness of a coach.

Originally Published: September 16, 2005
By Steve Muench | Scouts Inc.
Organizations do the best they can to manage the cap and build quality depth, but the truth is some players like Atlanta QB Michael Vick are irreplaceable from a personnel standpoint. There simply isn't another quarterback with Vick's combination of arm strength and speed.

It's the coaching staff's responsibility to adjust when a player of that caliber sustains an injury that causes him to miss significant time. Coaches have to tweak their schemes as well as their play-calling to mask the weaknesses, and take advantage of the strengths of the replacement. The tricky part is making those adjustments without disrupting the rest of the offense or defense.

Below is a list of six players who have sustained substantial injuries and a prediction of how their respective teams will likely deal with the loss.