FHL '05-06: Interesting names

Updated: September 29, 2005, 4:03 PM ET
By Eric Karabell | ESPN Fantasy Games
It's a bit too early to know how the rule changes in real hockey will alter the great game of fantasy hockey. I have actually witnessed a preseason hockey game already, and it was fun. Hey, the season starts in less than two weeks, right? Why fight it? I'm going to watch.

A few things we've seen from early NHL play are that the game is more wide open, some games have featured much scoring and penalties are occurring at a maddening pace. That could mean that half of an NHL game at times is played with special teams.

What does that mean for fantasy? Well, a John LeClair type anchoring the power play will thrive. Also, plus/minus is not affected by a power play. All in all, the good players will still be good, the checking line players will still do what they do, and the best and worst goalies - or shall we say defenses, since a goalie can only do so much - will still do what they do.