Primary colors

Updated: October 4, 2005, 10:44 AM ET
By David Hart | BASSMASTER Magazine, October 2005
When Marty Stone packed his boat for the 2004 CITGO Bassmaster Tour event on Florida's Harris Chain of Lakes, he didn't bring a big selection of baits. He never does, not even when he's on the road for weeks at a time on a trail that takes him to different lakes with a variety of conditions. Stone has learned that a few basic colors serve his needs no matter where he goes. Florida was no exception.

"I caught all my fish at Harris on a junebug Gambler Sweebo Worm and an alewife Gambler spinnerbait. I don't get real fancy with my color selection because I don't feel it's necessary," says Stone, who won that event last year.

Virtually every type of lure is available in a mind numbing variety of colors. Yamamoto's 5-inch Senko comes in 72 different colors and combinations. Bomber Model A crankbaits are available in 48 different colors and patterns, and Heddon offers 28 colors of Zara Spooks. It's enough to drive a beginning bass angler to the golf course and a veteran fisherman to the brink of bankruptcy.