Wait a minute

Updated: November 28, 2005, 4:26 PM ET
Tennis star James Blake was on 60 Minutes last night, and reporter Mike Wallace said that Blake's agent, Carlos Fleming, told him that Blake's shaving of his hair may have cost him $1 million in endorsements. All factors equal, that's probably an accurate statement. But given the fact that Blake has re-emerged on the scene (he was No. 24 in the world last week), I have a hard time believing that Fleming is offering a discount to companies that want to partner with the 26 year old. Here's a transcript of the piece.

Important Semantics
The Big Ten/ACC Challenge starts tonight, as the two conferences once again go head-to-head in a basketball duel that will be shown on the ESPN Networks. It has been going on since 1999, but this is the first time in matchup history that ESPN is calling it the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. Why? Because when it came to negotiating a second contract, the conferences thought it was only fair if they switched off lead billing. But apparently it's just a TV thing. ACC schools in their releases to the media are still calling it the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. You would think, or let's make that hope, think that both conferences would have a little bit more to worry about. How about this: Whoever wins gets top billing the next year. Big Ten officials might not like that as ACC teams have prevailed every time.