Knots the pros use

Updated: January 2, 2006, 3:19 AM ET
By John Neporadny Jr. | BASSMASTER Magazine, January 2006
Bassmaster Tour pros grudgingly accept losing fish due to a poor hook set or a botched landing attempt. However, they absolutely disdain missing a bass because of a faulty knot.

The pros consider a knot the crucial link between the lure or hook and the line, so they scrutinize every type of binding to use for their favorite tactics. The improved clinch knot is one of the simplest and most common bonds to use and the Palomar is a reliable and strong knot used by many pros. Since they are finicky about their knots, pro anglers are always experimenting with line ties and have created a variety of bindings they believe outperform the old standbys.

Four Bassmaster pros who have developed their own bindings or variations of the most popular knots are Sam Swett, O.T. Fears, Mike McClelland and Homer Humphreys. Let's take a look at the knots they favor for various applications and how they tie their inventions.